Pastries Gluten-Free

Buy Delicious Pastries Which Are Gluten Free

One cannot deny the deliciousness of pastries which are gluten-free, and at Bake Haus Café, you can treat yourself to these delectable soft foods every day. We bake all our baked goods freshly each day, so you receive only the best.

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Tips Regarding Gluten-Free Pastries

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Many people have an intolerance to this which makes them feel uncomfortable after eating gluten-rich foods. Over the past few years, many restaurants have started adding gluten-free option to their menus. Here are some tips regarding going this trend.

  • Reap the rewards. When you buy pastries and choose the gluten-free variety, you make a conscious decision to eat healthier. However, you should be patient as seeing the benefits of eating gluten-free may take a few months. You may see an increase in energy and a decrease in swelling and bloating.

  • Eat at a reputable restaurant. Many restaurants offer gluten-free pastries, but they may prepare their fare in a kitchen where there could be cross-contamination while the baker prepares gluten-free and gluten-based pastries. Ask your restaurant how they prepare their pastries.

  • Educate yourself. Before going gluten-free gather information regarding this type of diet. If you do not have gluten intolerance and choose to avoid these foods for other health benefits, you should know what kinds of foods you can and cannot eat.

When Buying Pastries Online Consider This

People live such busy lives, and online ordering has made choosing meals so much easier and convenient. However, when placing an online order, you need to consider a few things.

  • Ensure you give the right information. When you order pastries online make sure that you type in the correct information, especially contact details. There is nothing worse than providing the incorrect information when you place an order, and the restaurant cannot contact you to let you know your order is ready or that they have run out of stock of something you want.

  • Choose the right items. While you may place our food orders in between business calls or checking your emails, making sure you select the correct items is imperative. Nobody wants to collect their order just to find out they have ordered the wrong food, which is even worse if the item is something you've been craving all day.

  • Choose the right payment options. Most stores have a variety of payment options such as online banking, debit- or credit cards. Ensure that you can pay for your order in the preferred method of payment.

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Why You Should Use Bake Haus Café

We have many years of experience in the bakery business and pride ourselves on offering only the best quality of baked goods to our customers. When we prepare our gluten-free pastries, we take care not to prepare them where there could be cross-contamination, ensuring they are 100 percent gluten-free.

Contact us today to place your order.