Sustainable farming, Carbon neutral, great coffee, deep flavour, land for wildlife


Bake Haus Café believes in sustainable and ethical farming and with Fortitude Roasters we continue to invest in supporting the environment and farming communities. Fortitude Roasters was created through a vision of roasting the best coffee. We use a combination of traditional drum style coffee roasting and our own custom designed and fabricated hot air coffee roaster. We endeavour to have the “Fortitude” to maintain ethical and sustainable business practices.

Our sustainability goals are:

1. Carbon Neutral. Our Hot Air Coffee Roaster is electrically heated and runs on solar power.

2. Sustainable Green Coffee Purchasing. Organic, Woman Only Co-ops and Project 121.

3. Minimal Packaging. Phasing out single use take-away coffee cups. Deliver local customers Roasted Coffee in reusable 5kg buckets.

4. Woman only Coffee Farm. Purchase a Coffee Farm in the Philippines and establish a sanctuary for women to escape poverty, obtain an education and raise their children in a safe environment.

5. Fair Trade and Direct Trade Certified by 2020. All wholesale customers on the Project 1-2-1 program. Fortitude Coffee Roasters does not simply roast and sell coffee - we forge Partnerships.

Project 121 is a collaboration between Grower, Importer and Roaster and it has been established as a new way for roasters to build direct relationships with producers, providing the opportunity to develop lasting, secure partnerships with farmers. Each season we buy the entire crops from selected farmers to guarantee them a fair price and a fair income. Now Fortitude Roasters wants to bridge the gap between roaster and cafe by matching a coffee farmer to café. We will purchase and entire lot of coffee matched to the projected coffee sales of a particular café.

In addition, we are involved with the “Mt Tiger” initiative that has been set up by Bennetts Tea and Coffee Brokers to ensure the product line of Indian Tiger Mountain Coffee would see donations of $1 USD go to the tigers for every bag sold. 12 years later and Bennetts have donated over $60,000 USD in the fight to save wild tigers. Bennetts has funded projects including the tagging of some tigers in the Kanha National Park for behavioural and conservation research as well as a team hunting poachers in the forests of Indonesia. Early in 2018, 21st Century Tiger merged with the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance to form WildCats Conservation Alliance. In doing so the combination of resources and streamlining of administration strengthens the organisation’s ability to be more effective in implementing preservation projects. The Alliance still guarantees 100% of Bennetts’ donation will be distributed to the conservation and research of tigers. Fair Trade Fair Trade coffee is coffee that is certified as having been produced to Fair Trade standards.