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Cakes Gluten-Free

Celebrate Any Occasion with Cakes That Are Gluten-Free

Do you ever find yourself wishing that there were more options for cakes with a gluten-free ingredient list? Whether you have a coeliac diagnosis, a known sensitivity to gluten or you simply want to reduce the amount of it in your diet, finding tasty products to satisfy your cravings isn't always easy. That's especially true for cakes and pastries, which often rely on flour as an essential ingredient almost as a rule. Never fear, though — not only are there options for you, but you can still enjoy the classic and timeless flavours of European baking traditions. At Bake Haus Café in Clayfield, you can stop in for gluten-free treats during the week or order cakes for a special occasion — we're always happy to share! For those gluten-free treat lovers out there, take a moment to look into what we do to keep you safe and satisfied.


What You Should Know About Our Gluten Free Cakes

Working with our sister company, 'OMG it's Gluten-Free', we produce slices, whole cakes, and other delicious items that are safe for those on coeliac diets. Here are the essential things to know about how we make these items:

  • We use a dedicated gluten-free kitchen through our secondary business. Doing so, lets us control the environment to keep allergens out of the way, creating only wholesome baked goods.

  • We don't skimp or sacrifice on flavour like some products without gluten. Every item bursts with interesting flavours that you can enjoy.

  • We carefully store our gluten-free products on a separate shelf above our other products, and our staff has the appropriate training to understand how to avoid cross-contamination.

What Sets Bake Haus Café Apart When You Order Cakes Online?

Want to enjoy tasty cakes and gluten-free options from the comfort of your home? Good news — we've partnered with Uber Eats to provide convenient online ordering and delivery options so you can stay safe and continue to enjoy your favourite treats. Why choose to order from our shop when you'd like a cake for a special occasion or "just because"?

  • It's easy to select items that meet your dietary requirements which might otherwise be difficult to find for delivery.

  • We're happy to take orders for full cakes, and we may be able to provide some customisation options depending on your order.

  • With Uber Eats delivery, you can enjoy fast and fresh desserts in virtually no time. Why turn on the oven when you can enjoy our work instead?


About Bake Haus Café

Locally owned and operated, Bake Haus Café blends traditional European baking techniques with an Australian flair. The result: one of the best local options for sweet and savoury delights, not to mention our sustainably sourced custom blend coffee roast. The perfect spot to stop in for a bite or to order for delivery at home, we hold ourselves to the highest standards — and our best reward is always the smile on a satisfied patron's face. Order online now, or give us a call with any questions about our gluten-free options.